About Us

Calgary Wholesale Cash & Carry is a master distributor and wholesaler of restaurant equipment, small wares, janitorial, food packaging, produce, dairy, frozen foods, bulk grocery and beverage.

Calgary Wholesale Cash & Carry serves over 1,000 customers daily, through cash & carry, doorstep delivery, or our re-distribution program. We work hard to keep our customers happy by going above and beyond their expectations in price, consistency, quality and service.

Recognized in the biggest sphere of trading networks, Calgary Wholesale Cash & Carry is also considered as the well-respected leader in cash & carry stores in Ontario and is depicted to serve quality essentials at worthwhile rates.

Our outstanding growth in business is the successful outcome of the rigorous hardships of our skillful staff members who work day and night for promising you 100% customer satisfaction perpetually.Entrusted to serve the finest, we apprehend it as our responsibility to serve you the best food, safety, and cleaning products of highly reputed brands.

Why Choose Calgary Cash & Carry?

If you are missing a product you would like to purchase, please give us a call or email us, and we will try our best to suggest an alternative or update you on the restock date.

We accept pickup order (no minimum) - We carry way more products than listed Here. Get in touch for more details.

Canada-wide Delivery, We work with the Canada's most reputable carriers to deliver your product with no hidden fees

You can get a big discount, we are a wholesaler – and volume is what we’re here for, if you need an item by the Skid, Truck Load, or Container Load – please contact us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Please contact us and we will be in touch. We can prepare a container for you to ship anywhere in the world

If we are missing the product that you’d like to purchase, please contact our Customer Service HERE. We try our best to suggest the alternative product or update you on the restock date.

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